Poolz Finance


Q3 2020: Kick-starting Poolz
    Platform, smart contract, and network development.
    Seed sale completed.
    Testnet Launched—built with Truffle and written in .NET core, for optimum security and stability.
    Code published on GitHub: [LINK]
Q4 2020: Launching the MVP
    Pre-listing POOLZ sale (liquidity auctions).
    First pool creation on Poolz platform.
    Cross-chain swap integration. (Tomochain)
    Fixed token swaps.
    DEX listing.
Q1 2021: Accelerating Poolz
    Parachains Alpha TestNet
    ERC721 integration—NFT auction.
    Governance Launch & POOLZ Staking
    Stablecoin Swap integration.
    Implementing Bid Auction functionality.
Q2 2021: Skyrocketing Poolz
    Synthetic tokens.
    Mobile Version
    Multi - Wallets Integration
Q3-Q4 2021: The Poolz DAO
    Launching Poolz v.3—A fully-functional DAO.
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