Poolz Finance

Audit Reports

Disclaimer: The results shared herein were formulated after thorough research by Arcadia. The auditors did not find any issues in the Poolz smart contract. While we’re pleased to see the results, we realize that there is always room for errors and discrepancies.
Results of the Audit: Arcadia performed thorough testing of Poolz contracts starting with the analysis of code design patterns to ensure the smart contracts are well structured. Also, the safe use of third-party smart contracts and libraries was reviewed.
The results Arcadia produced through their audit found no issues with our smart contracts, for our community and for us, this is great news. January 2023 update: Refer to Pages 6-8
June 2022 update: Link
March 2022 update: Link
May 2021 update: Link
March 2021 update: Link