Poolz Finance

The POOLZ Token

POOLZ is the native token of the Poolz platform.


    Token Name: Poolz Token
    Ticker: $POOLZ
    Type: ERC20
    Circulation Supply on TGE: 640,413 (12.8%)
    Total Supply: 5,000,000

Use Cases

    Staking & Rewards: $POOLZ holders can earn passive income from their tokens by holding them in staking wallets, as well as in Poolz’s liquidity pools to be launched on several DEX platforms. Apart from that, all rewards and incentives for participating on the Poolz platform will be offered in $POOLZ tokens.
    Governance: $POOLZ holders can gain voting rights on the platform, by staking a pre-defined amount of tokens in their specified staking wallets. By doing so, they can participate in the community’s decision-making process, regarding matter such as new proposals, pool audits, circulation, token burn ratio, distribution, and so on. Moreover, governors will also have a say on Poolz’s on-chain governance model.
    Token Burn: Poolz Finance will follow a Limited Top Value burn policy, using 16.667% of its daily earnings to market buy $POOLZ tokens (upto 20% of total supply) and burn them. This, in turn, will enhance the ROI for the entire $POOLZ holder community, by enhancing the token’s inherent value.

Benefits for Liquidity Providers

    Access to exclusive pools: Every pool on the platform is limited to POOLZ token holders for an initial duration after its launch.
    Access to better swap ratios: Exclusive pools also offer special discounts for POOLZ token holders, thus enhancing the possible returns for liquidity miners.

Allocation & Distribution

    Swapping Rewards: 800,000 POOLZ (16%)
    Staking Rewards: 800,000 POOLZ (16%)
    Private & Public Sale: 2,200,000 POOLZ (44%)
      Pre Seed: 100,000 POOLZ (2%)
      Strategic Round: 400,000 POOLZ (8%)
      Private Sale 1: 700,000 POOLZ (14%)
      Private Sale 2: 900,000 POOLZ (18%)
      Auction Pools: 100,000 (2%)
    Reserve: 600,000 POOLZ (12%)
    Team & Advisor: 500,000 POOLZ (10%)
    Liquidity Fund: 100,000 POOLZ (2%)
Note: For further details regarding the POOLZ token metrics, allocation, and release cycles, please read our whitepaper.
Last modified 10mo ago