Poolz Finance

Governance Plan

Poolz is fully decentralized protocol, but using voting mechanism as part of the due diligence process. The main goal of the Poolz Council for Governance is securing a fair, independent and credible project launching process.
As such, POOLZ token holders have a say in product features, token utility, auction types, platform fees, conditions for pool creation, the terms of governance, as well as the platform’s future plans and trajectory. The Poolz council system is the focal point of the Poolz ecosystem in order to provide value to Poolz holders.
Token holders can express their thoughts by voting on protocol DAO decisions. Proposals such as future underlying pool, parameter adjustment can be raised by governance token holders.
How the Poolz Governance Will Work
Every Governance member will get an access to private group, for the Governance only, there we will share information about the upcoming votes projects
Each vote will have a predetermined time, and in order to succeed in the process and each future project that intrestng to use our technology including smart contracts will have to receive a majority of 70% of the votes.
In order to make the governance system efficient, Poolz DAO members decided that the requirement is to lock at least 20K POOLZ tokens for at least 60 days to become a governance member.